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1 Sep ‘21 By AnikHealthy Tasty Daily

Weight loss is as simple as cutting down on calories so weighing your food or limiting your portions results in weight loss. The fewer calories you consume higher the weight loss. Keeping a check on the amount of calories one consumes can help one to make healthier choices and also plan meals accordingly. The results can be motivational and help us to improve our diet and has a number of health benefits like weight loss, increased energy levels. Portion size is defined as the amount of food one puts on his or her plate for a single meal. Quite often we serve ourselves portions which may be equivalent to multiple portions. So weighing our food and measuring portions can help us to check our weight.

Benefits of measuring food -
1-Weight Loss

Scaling down on portions works majorly to reduce weight. Portion controlled plans are very effective at helping people lose weight and keep it off too. Weighing food is a good way to keep portions in check and may make you aware of portion sizes too. Some scales even provide nutritional information such as the amount of carbo-hydrates ,fats and calories too. One could also use measuring cups and plates to keep calories and portions in check.

2-Measuring food helps to increase fruit and vegetable quantities

Calories are useful for tracking not only how much you eat but also what you eat. 100 grams of broccoli will have more benefits than 100 grams of French fries. Diets based on plant foods contain more fibre than processed foods. Fruits and high fibre foods are generally high in nutrients and low in calories and have immense health benefits. A week of dedicated measured eating along with regular exercise and being calorie deficit can show positive results.

3-Helps to control blood sugar levels

Over-eating is very harmful ,more so for people with diabetes. Measuring foods with cups and spoons can help to keep a check on the amount of food they consume and keep blood sugar under control too. Portion sizes are all the more important for diabetics because the dose of insulin is based exactly on how much and what you eat. Keeping the weight in check can improve insulin sensitivity too. Measuring food leads too precision and might mean a difference in a unit or two of insulin.

4-Measuring portions leads to improved satiety

Eating smaller portions helps you to savour and relish your foods and also helps with weight loss. Eating slowly and paying attention to hunger cues leads to improving the feeling of fullness ,satiety and ultimately less food. It also helps you to avoid mindless eating.

Portion control is actually limiting what you eat and being aware of how much food you are eating and the calories contained in that serving. With a little practice, portion control is easy to do and can aid people to be successful in reaching and maintaining their ideal weight. Over eating often stems from boredom too so trying to choose from a wide selection of food items ,monitoring one’s calories and paying attention to portions has huge health benefits.

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