What to Eat on a Low Carb Diet

What makes you opt for a low carbohydrate diet? Or we were to ask you in typical Bollywood way, is there no power in the world that can separate you from carbs?

We all think of reducing our carbs-intake at some point in life. And there are different reasons for it: Sometimes, you read up too many health magazines and get influenced. It can be motivated by an impending event like a friend’s wedding, or a vacation which demands more time at the gym and less carbs in your plate.

While going low carb seems like the obvious answer to quickly reduce fat, is it the best diet to lose weight? 

But first, let’s understand carbohydrates properly. They’re one of the three most important macronutrients to include on a healthy diet chart along with proteins and fats. They run the body by acting as a fuel for the nervous system and growing muscles. They also enable fat metabolism by preventing protein to be used as an energy source in the body.  

A low carb diet prevents storage of excess fat in the body. This way, our body will burn the stored fats along with carbohydrates, which can be effective for sustained weight loss.

A low-carbohydrate diet restricts your carbohydrate intake and adds more foods that are high in proteins and fats. High sugar foods such as pasta, breads and more are eliminated from your plate and you can focus on maximizing your protein intake from meat, vegetables and fruits. 

It’s important to identify what kind of food is harmful for a sustainable Low Carb Diet.

It’s definitely tough to reduce carbohydrates, they’re so tasty after all. But just like test cricket, you’ve got to be patient and stay at the crease in order to achieve your targets.

Here, the test lies in focusing on the benefits of diet food for weight loss and sticking to the plan! 

Here is a list of things you need to drastically reduce or eliminate for a successful low carbohydrate diet: 

Sugar: Cut off the soft drinks you love to sip every now and then. Also, goodbye to the candies and the ice-cream bowls hiding in the freezer. You can, however, replace sugar with stevia extract and have sugar-free ice-creams as treats.

Grains: Wheat and rice, as well as your daily slice of bread should be avoided completely.

Milk: If your day starts with a glass of milk, you’ll have to abort that mission!

Starch-based foods: Lentils, corn, chickpeas… c’est la vie! 

Here is a list of things you should add to your pantry when following a low carbohydrate diet: 


A great source of protein and fibers, opt for meat based meals. 


Skip this if you’re not a sea food fan. But when it comes to rich proteins, there are very few options better than fish. Also, less fats! 


Yes, they’re your favourite protein and an absolute must for a low carbohydrate diet. Look out for omega 3 rich eggs, which are obtained from hens relishing a diet of flaxseed. 


Remember those days when the world was behind you to opt for green leafy vegetables? It’s finally time to accept them in your life for good! Spinach is a great pick, which you can have during meals or just as soup. Also, add some cauliflowers and carrots to the shopping cart.


Accomplishing a healthy diet is not a low hanging fruit, but you can pick many fruits like apples, oranges and strawberries. 


The last time you had almonds was possibly before your exams. But, as said earlier, diet food for weight loss is no less than a test, a stern one we must say! Stack up the almonds and walnuts, and use them for your munching sessions. 


Say cheese! And eat it too. Cheese is a delightful option, just like butter and yogurt. Before you wonder why these are included in the diet, here’s one thing common about them – high fats. With the mix of low carbs, moderate protein and high cheese, you can have them without going against any weight loss tips.

Fats and Oils

Olive oil for low carb diet
Olive oil

For a well-oiled system of low carbs, you need to ensure the intake of coconut oil, fish oil, etc. They provide you with healthy fats that keep you going! 

Above all, don’t forget to exercise and keep yourself fit. Hope your low carbohydrate diet gives you high returns of good health!

Following a rigorous diet such as a low-carb diet is a lot of work. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a team of nutritionists and chefs who could do that for you, and all you would need to do is focus on your life and goals. Well, we can make this awesome wish possible at Food Darzee! There’s so much to talk about, why don’t you drop your number and we’ll give you a call? Get started here!

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