What is a weight loss plateau

Obesity disorder is very common now days which is affecting most of the population of the world. Everyone tries to follow their weight loss plan or they consult a nutritionist for the same.

In a weight loss journey, progress in weight depends on many conditions like diet, exercise, cheating days, any medical conditions, age, and sex.  The body requires a certain amount of energy for its regular activity or for organ functioning which is called a resting metabolic rate.

Meaning of Weight loss Plateau?

When we follow a particular diet for a longer period, it happens that the weighing scale doesn’t show any results on weight loss. In spite of following a good diet, regular exercise weight is loss is stagnant which named weight loss plateau. This is sometimes frustrating and discouraging in weight loss journey but this is very common in weight loss plans.

Cause of weight loss plateau

  • When we follow a diet which is on low calories than it requires. In this condition, the body uses glycogen stores for its daily energy. This glycogen is available in muscle, liver.
  • Glycogen is made up of water molecules. When these glycogen stores used up by the body, water weight also drops from the body which leads to a sudden drop in weight in initial days of the diet.
  • After its body starts using muscles and fat for energy. Loosing of muscles will drop down your body’s metabolic rate. The slow metabolic rate indicates that weight loss plateau will happen.

Reevaluation of some point before it named as Plateau phase

  • Keep a check on body measurement –in weight loss plan it may happen that due to some exercise pattern you may have good changes in body measurement compared to body weight. A person can check body measurement with the help of measuring tape or by daily clothes fit, energy level, can make out positive changes in body.
  • Food diary– Keep a check on your daily food choices and portion size. Maintain a food diary which will help to figure out that you are out of the plan or not.
  • Exercise – If as per body requirement exercise is not happening which can lead to plateau phase.
  • Realistic goal– first check out as per your current age, height, any hormonal status, what should be ideal weight and set a realistic goal which is achievable.

If the same weight and body measurement remain the same for 2 weeks then it’s called a plateau phase so never reach an observation of plateau immediately.

Pointers to break the plateau phase-

  • Recheck your food diary- food diary can be checked to see whether we are breaking diet or exercise habits. If there are changes happening in the diet portion and exercise pattern it may lead to a plateau.
  • Make a more calorie deficit diet- check out the calorie intake /day. If possible make calorie deficit by 200kcal but it should not cross 1200kcal/day.
  • We can increase the intensity of exercise to burn more calories. Weight lifting can be added in the exercise regimes to increase the burning of calories.

Lifestyle changes- In regular routine, we can sue the staircase rather than lift as a healthy habit. Or walking or cycling can be a good option rather than a car for travel.

These small changes in diet and lifestyle will fulfill us with positive energy and confidence which is most important.

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