What are Probiotics and prebiotics


Probiotics are live helpful microorganisms that are normally made by the procedure of fermentation. The live bacteria is actually good for our digestive system.

Probiotics are usually used for the people suffering from an intestinal disorder and due to the high intake of antibiotics, they are chances that we may lose our good bacteria from our body.

In this case, we can use probiotics that may help us balance good bacteria that we have lost in our body, and may suppress the unwanted symptoms too.

Probiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect which enhances our immune system, and probiotic also encourages us in bringing down the glucose level, upgrades weight reduction and decreases terrible cholesterol

Probiotics are consistently called adequate and supportive micro organisms , in the way that these living beings keep your gut healthy.

Food sources of probiotics

The following are some food sources of probiotics.

DAIRY SOURCES         Fruit and vegetable sources       SOYABEAN SOURCES

Yoghurt                          tangy chutney                                 Miso

Kefir                               olives                                              tempeh

Cheese                          sour pickles                                    soya sauce

Buttermilk                       sauerkraut                                      tamari

                                        Kimchi                                           Natto


Prebiotics :

Prebiotics get modified in a gut, which keeps the gut solid by expanding the great microscopic organisms in the gut.

They are required in the gut to take care of the probiotic organism and to keep the gut away from acid reflux, constipation and  it also helps in strengthening our immune system

Prebiotic have several advantages that encourages good absorption and keep our Immune system healthy.

It is processed in the digestive tract like high fiber compounds

Prebiotics are fundamentally plant sources that are utilized and is useful for the gut to avoid any sort of bad microscopic organisms and ingestion issues.

Prebiotics are kinds of fiber that people can’t process, however your gut microbes can.

Good sources of prebiotics

Following are some food sources of prebiotics

Veggies                         FRUIT                       WHOLE GRAINS           Legumes

Tomatoes                     berries                       oatmeal                       lentils

Artichokes                     banana‚Äôs                  barley                           kidney beans

Onion                                                                flaxseed                       chick peas

Chicory                                                              wheat                           black beans

Dandelion greens



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