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6 Oct ‘21 By AnikKetogenic Diet

Think of the internet as a wild, expansive ocean that is a universe in itself. While the surface is brimming with the latest memes, if you swim deeper and know where to look – you will find a plethora of guidance that can potentially make your life healthier, happier and more meaningful. One such hidden treasure the health-enthusiast side of internet has unearthed is a way of life that is creating ripples that are turning into tides and bringing about change in people who had given up on their health goals. A three-word phenomenon that you might not know what it is, but you’ve definitely heard of it – it is, The Keto Diet.

Your friends are talking about it, it’s on the news, even the office water cooler gossip is that Neha lost 10KGS and she was seen eating pizza for lunch. What is going on?

Let’s start off nice and easy with a simple lesson in nutrition. Every food is made up for three main macronutrients – Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats. A regular diet tips in favour of carbohydrates for the body’s energy source, so we eat more of food that comprise mainly of carbs. The Keto diet on the other hand, shifts the gears to use stored fat as a fuel for the body. Simply put, if the body is using fat to function, it is burning it to do so. Fat burning = fat loss = hello six pack abs.

The Keto diet is this revolutionary way of eating.

There’s so much we want to tell you about keto, but let’s start with what Keto is not.

What Keto Is Not:
Boring. You won’t have to eat the same three things for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you’re on this way of life. The Keto diet is full of surprises. It’s menu is as expansive as the imagination allows and a can be a regular treat for the tastebuds. This food innovation is something we strive to deliver here at Food Darzee.

**##### One Hit Wonder. **Unlike Hoobastank or even Imran Khan, the Keto Diet isn’t a one hit wonder, or a diet you’ll only for a week and quit. The Keto Diet is a way of life. The transition from eating how you are now, to eating Keto will not be difficult, especially if your meal planning will be done at Food Darzee.

**##### Limited Only To Western Taste. **This is by far the biggest misconception enveloping the desi side of the internet. For those who have recently learned of this life-changing diet, immediately get on to Googling, YouTube-ing, Pinteresting, reading, watching all that they can to understand the Keto way. But this enthusiasm is more often than not met with defeat because most of the source material out there, from the recipes to transformation stories are all from the West. At Food Darzee we keep our pokersticks sharp because this Keto misconception is our favourite one to puncture.

The Indian diet is famously carbohydrate-rich. From rotis to rice, we rely on carbs for our energy more than any other macronutrient. But that shouldn’t discourage you from following an Indian Keto diet plan for weight loss. Like we say here, where there’s imagination, there’s a recipe.

Fans of palak paneer can rejoice because it is keto. Whip out your spoon because your favourite butter chicken is also approved as an Indian keto recipe. Wait a second, you like coconut fish curry? That’s your friend on the Keto diet as well. See? The Keto diet is already best friends with the Indian taste. The only real switch that you would need to make is rice and even for that we have the god of cruciferous vegetables – cauliflower to replicate the look and mouthfeel of rice, while still being a perfectly keto meal.

##### Planning An Indian Keto Diet For Your Life

The idea of an Indian Keto Diet might seem daunting and you might want an expert opinion on the matter. It is for this reason at Food Darzee we make customised Indian Keto-friendly meal plans for clients while in consultation with a dedicated nutritionist who will prepare a diet tailor-made for you.

The Indian Keto Diet will get your results and with Food Darzee you can reach there faster. But this is not it, there is still one thing we’d like you to know!

One of our favourite doubts to clear is when our clients think the Keto diet is a primarily meat-based or non-vegetarian diet, and we laugh. And yes, you can read that line again. Here’s another version of it – Keto can be expanded to not just be vegetarian but also Indian. A very Indian Keto vegetarian diet plan is very much possible!

And Indian keto vegetarian diet plan we don’t mean replace every meat with paneer. While paneer is definitely a hit in the Indian keto meal plan, it is also not the only one. You can load up on the mushrooms, and also the humble brinjal. For a meaty texture, our chefs have come up with the perfect Indian keto vegetarian recipe that makes use of tofu. So, for a guide, here’s what an Indian keto vegetarian diet plan might look like:

Indian Keto Breakfast: Paneer bhurji made in ghee. Indian Keto Lunch: mushroom masala with almond meal roti. Indian Keto Snack: Handful walnuts Indian Keto Dinner: Cauliflower rice biryani.

We’ve taken time, effort, research and care to make the perfect Food Darzee’s recipes to help our vegetarian clients meet their goals with the Indian keto diet.

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