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2 Sep ‘21 By AnikHealth tips

There are a number of factors which contribute to weight loss and one has to be patient when one embarks on a weight loss journey .Weight loss takes time and is not a linear process. The first step in any weight loss program is to stay clear of fad diets and consult experts who can help to maintain a healthy balance between meals and exercise. There are a number of reasons why we do not lose weight despite enrolling on a program or gyms.

1-Not keeping a count on the calories consumed Most people have difficulty in losing weight as they do not keep a track of the calories consumed. Weight loss happens only when you burn more calories than you consume. When one keeps a track of all that you eat on a daily basis it is easier to maintain weight. Maintaining a food diary will help to stay motivated and not go overboard Reading up on food labels and the number of calories each item contains can help you to keep the calories in check.

2-Lack of protein Protein is the most vital ingredient for losing fat. Getting 25-30% of your calorie requirement from protein can hike your metabolic rate and thus burn calories faster. It can also make you feel fuller faster hence decreased cravings and snacking. A high protein diet helps you to prevent fat regain after a weight loss diet.

3-Not consuming enough fibre Eating plenty of fibre can help to feel fuller and thus help in digestion and prevent constipation.Intestinal bacteria have the enzymes to digest these fibres so fibre promotes the growth of good bacteria which can have a positive effect on our health. Fibre also reduces one’s appetite and helps you to lose weight. One should make sure that one includes a variety of fibre from whole foods like fruits, vegetables , nuts and grains.

4-Picking up unhealthy foods Quality matters over quantity. Diets based on high quality foods from plants have more health benefits than processed foods. One should work on eating more and more minimally processed foods as they are beneficial in losing weight. For example -100 calories from fresh green salad will be more filling than just a piece of cake which also might have the same calories. Eating healthy foods also improves your general well-being and regulates appetite.

5-Binge eating Binge eating is the main culprit in piling on the weight. When one is on a diet and losing weight then one tends to give up and indulge in junk food. This has adverse effects and sets the clock back. Some people also binge on healthy foods like nuts. Dark chocolate cheese etc which means more calories than the body needs. A single weak moment can destroy a week’s hard work. One has to unn. derstand that weight loss is a scientific and slow process and takes time so patience is the key

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