Rajma tikki burger

Indians have opened their hearts and palate to western cuisine. The Indian cuisine is one of the most versatile types and can be easily be blended with many other world cuisine to give it a new twist. Indian rasoi has come a long way and has seen a sea wind of changes and a lot of variations and fusion over the years. Indians have travelled extensively and are now open to experimenting with food from all over the world. Indians are traditionally used to a lot of spice in their food, one such food which is popular is the burger and a new twist has been added to it by spicing it up and also making it a healthy.

Rajma tikki burger


2cups of kidney beans or rajma

Burger buns which can be brown or multi grain

4 to 6 green chillies

A piece of ginger

Oil to shallow fry

2 to 3 slices of tomato

2 to 3 onion slices

1 cheese slice(optional)

For the salad

100 grams of  grated cabbage

2 carrots shredded fine

Bell peppers finely copped

2 table spoons of hung curd

Salt and pepper to taste.


Soak the rajma or kidney beans for about 6 hours and then pressure cook them for about 20 minutes. Drain the excess water from the beans and let it cool and then in a blender coarsely grind the beans adding green chillies ,ginger, and salt. Black or white pepper can added to make it more spicy. Roll the ground mixture into flat balls and shallow fry them on a tawa.

Then on a pan add a little butter ,slit the burger bun and toss them. Place the prepared tikki on one side of the bun and on the other half add the onion , tomato and cheese slice .Desired sauces should added to the burger to make it more appetising and then plated. For the salad all the ingredients combined in a mixing bowl. Hung yogurt is a healthier option to cream and gives the same effect. The colourful bell peppers make it more visually appealing. And your classical burger with a twist is ready.   

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