Modifying the Indian Diet to Suit Keto Principles?

Weight is something that weighs intensely on vast majority’s brains. The majority of us are attempting to lose those additional kilos, get fitter or push the weight reduction level higher. Only a systematic, scientific and customized diet plan can save you from the heartache of random dieting plans gone awry. The ketogenic diet is the fastest and most logical eating regimen plan being pursued overall today. Just four weeks of the keto diet is proven to bring down your body weight by 10%. However, the keto diet has to be modified to suit the Indian palette in the aim to increase the protein context of a typical Indian meal.

What is Indian Keto Diet?

Keto diet requires you to cut down the carbohydrates and consume more fat instead. Yes, you read it right! Following this diet initiates a process called Ketosis in your body which burns fat in the body instead of the glucose which we get from carbs. This gives you enough fuel to keep running without losing your energy or clarity of mind.

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Sounds exciting!

Now comes the tough part. Cutting down on carbohydrates can be a pretty challenging task for us Indians who love our chapattis and rice. Does this mean that keto is only for firangis? Not at all! A carefully planned Indian keto diet can give you plenty of options to enjoy sumptuous Indian varieties and cut down the carbs too. For those of you badly caught up with work and busy lifestyle, you can outsource this meal planning and execution.

Food Darzee who offers customised options specific to your nutritional requirement, to effectively burn the fat.

Keto Butter Chicken with Jeera Roti
A healthy twist to a staple Indian meal of Butter Chicken and Jeera Roti

How to Plan Your Indian Keto Diet?

Now that you have decided to follow the Indian Keto diet, meal planning is the first thing to do. Reflect on what you have been eating typically in your daily diet. Cut the traditional sources of carbs and find non-carb substitutes for them. Here are a few changes which can help you achieve a perfect Indian keto meal:

  • Chuck Grains and Cereals: Get rid of portions of wheat chapattis, parathas, pooris, idlis, pasta, bread, rice, semolina or ragi as they are all rich in carbs. Befriend chapattis made with alternative flours like almond and explore options like cauliflower rice to satisfy your cravings.
  • Fill Your Plate with the Veggies: Instead of taking 1serving of vegetables, take 2-3 servings. You can make more than one variety of vegetable curry to keep it interesting. They have fewer calories, fewer carbs and are full of vitamins and minerals. They also keep you feeling full for longer. So, go ahead and get innovative with vegetables. Avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes and beetroot as they are high in carbs.
  • Enjoy Your Tandoori Chicken: If you are a non-vegetarian then eat more of roasted meat and fish than fried. You can eat eggs too.
 Keto Chicken Tandoori Wings
Keto Chicken Tandoori Wings
  • Have Limited Portion of Dal: Dals are rich in proteins but also contain carbs. So do enjoy your dal but with portion control.
    Have Keto-Friendly Salads: Pick salads which are low in carbs. Cobb salad, Mediterranean salad, tuna salad, coleslaw, eggplant salad and Greek salads are a few examples.
    Give up Your Sweet Dish: You will have to give this up as sugar is a strictly forbidden ingredient in the keto diet. Following the Indian keto diet properly might save you sugar cravings after all. If you still wish to indulge in desserts, ensure they are prepared using stevia or erythritol.
    Be Selective About Dairy Products: Milk is lactose rich and thus high in sugar. Whole or skimmed milk is unsuitable in an Indian keto diet. Butter, ghee, cheese, sour cream and yoghurt are deemed suitable for consumption as the lactose content is lowered by the process of fermentation.
    Stay Away from Sweet Fruits: Avoid mango, chikoo, bananas, apple and pineapple as they all have high fructose content. Choose fruits such as avocadoes and berries instead.

Daunting it may seem, but you can benefit immensely from following the Indian Keto diet plan for weight loss. Even if you are unable to follow a strictly keto diet, you can still benefit from a low carb diet. Experts like Food Darzee offer you options for both keto and low carb diet.

Happy Keto dieting!

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