Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Vegetarian

Indians are the luckiest people in the world. The abundance of spices, our cooking methods, just the staggering variety of cuisines we can jam into “Indian cuisine”, makes our food the most versatile and the most delicious.

Our pallets recognise taste like no other; which is why we’re such a fussy people when it comes to eating. And also why we, at Food Darzee, only work with the top chefs who deliver this taste when you’re on a program with us.

It’s funny when people blame the deliciousness of Indian dishes for weight gain. When in fact, Indian food is so versatile, it lends itself seamlessly to any type of weight loss diet imaginable. In this article, let’s look at the most popular diet that you can follow to lose weight and not compromise on the classic Indian taste.

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss For A Vegetarian Diet:

What to have for breakfast to lose weight:

Option A: Poha

Whether you like it Maharashtrian style, or Indori style, poha is the optimum breakfast. The fluffy pressed poha are a good source of carbs and energy. The spluttering mustard seeds increase metabolism and aid digestion. The peanuts give it taste, crunch and micronutrients along with being a secondary source of fat besides the ghee/oil you use.

Bonus: If you don’t use ghee, vegans on a weight loss diet can also enjoy this.

Option B: Dosa

The dosa is that magical wrap that is both crunchy and fluffy at the same time. And some even melt in your mouth. That’s how perfect of a food dosa is.

It’s light to eat, and filling at the same time – a perfect breakfast option when you’re pressed for time and want to lose weight.

Eat with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and dip it in sambar, you won’t meet your hunger pangs for hours!


What to have for lunch to lose weight:

Option A: Cabbage Sabzi

The cornerstone of losing weight is to eat light. Using less oil and ingredients that don’t require to be cooked for a long time ensures their freshness and are also easy on the stomach. The cabbage sabzi is one such wonderful lunch dish.

It doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes to make (some instant noodles take longer!) and it can be made with as few as four ingredients.

100g of cabbage only has 25 calories, so for those who like to have their plates full and eat a lot of sabzi, this is a great lunch option for them.

Option B: Carrot & Peas Sabzi

Continuing with our recommendations for light and easy-to-make sabzis, the next one on our list is carrot and peas. This one’s for those who like sweetness in their food. Both carrots and peas are naturally sweet when treated properly.

To get optimum taste for less calories, using butter mixed with a little oil will give both these humble veggies the chance to shine.

This is one weight loss recipe that you will keep coming back for.

Sabzi Companion: Roti

Fresh, steaming beauties we call phulkas or rotis are the backbone of any weight loss strategy. They’re low in calories, and also have low GI. They’re made with complex carbohydrates and will keep you feeling full for long. For a healthy indulgence, you can even brush them with ghee to keep them soft for longer and amplify their taste.

To introduce variety in your weight loss diet, you can mix other flours like jowar, bajra and ragi with the regular chakki atta. This will even help in diversifying the nutrition profile of your food as you lose weight. This is a weight loss tip to keep in mind if you feel like you’ve hit your weight loss plateau.

What to have for dinner to lose weight:

During the start of your weight loss diet, it helps if you end your day with dishes that are satisfying. These tasty and healthy recipes will carry you through the rest of the evening and to bed feeling happy with your day. Because there’s no point in following a diet that’s boring and that doesn’t inspire you to continue. Here at Food Darzee we’re committed to making sure that dieting doesn’t feel like a chore. Which is why when you choose us, you work with a nutritionist who gets you, and top chefs prepare delicious and healthy meals just for you.

Option A: Palak Paneer

Palak paneer checks all the boxes of healthy food. It’s bulky with nutrients and taste with the abundance of spinach. Rich in protein and micronutrients, helps strengthen muscles and maintain blood pressure, spinach is a green leafy vegetable that keeps on giving. Paired with paneer, it’s a match made by gods of healthy weight loss diets.

Option B: Rajma

A slow-cooked rajma dal paired with fluffy rice is dinner for days. The tangy richness makes the dal a delight to slurrp, and the wholesomeness of the red kidney beans make this dish one that gives your day a happy ending. Rajma is an excellent source of dietary fibre, getting a good amount of which is essential when on a diet to lose weight.

Sabzi Companion: Rice


Comedian Mitch Hedberg has the funniest joke about them, “Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.” That rice is unhealthy is a great misconception. They have many health benefits and whether you choose to eat brown, white, red or black, they’re all here to help you succeed in your weight loss goals. We also discuss the benefits of rice and other foods you should include in your diet for weight loss here.

While making your own diet is great, you can reach your goals faster with the help of certified nutritionists and the best chefs who make food that’s tailor-made to your taste. Get started with us today.

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