How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

You have looked high and low for diet food for weight loss, weight loss recipes, weight loss tips and more, to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And so, you’ve found your way to Food Darzee where we tailor-make plans and serve you food that will only take you forward in your weight-loss journey.

The biggest concern while losing weight is the fear that once you stop dieting, the weight will all come back. To avoid that, we’re sharing with you some key tips on how you can lose weight, and not gain it back:

  1. Pick a weight loss program as per your choice:

Remember the golden words: weight loss programs are like credit cards, you will often pick up one at the insistence of someone else. So, instead of doing that, always work with a healthy diet chart to work on your personal targets, as per your goals! That way, you will never be bored and lose motivation.

There are many weight loss tips and ‘what to eat to lose weight’ guides that help you shed those extra kilos and be in shape. Also, weight loss recipes are a hit amongst those who like to cook things for themselves, eliminating the guilt of calories and bad cholesterol.

Keep in mind that customisation is the key. Everyone needs a healthy diet chart. To find the right one, you’ll have to keep at it and bank on your patience and commitment to succeed. Or you can speak to the expert nutritionists at Food Darzee to help you do just that.

2. Set realistic goals:

In marketing, they teach us the “KISS” formula. Keep It Simple, Silly. This can be applied to your goals as well. Keep your goals simple, and real and accept the fact you’ll not have the Rohan-from-Kabhi-Khushi-Kabhie-Gham transformation overnight.

You need to give yourself time to lose weight. And think of improving your habits as opposed to “I will lose 10 kg in 1 week”

Also remember that age is an important factor in losing weight. With age, your body reacts differently. Especially when planning weight loss diet plans for women. The older you are, the more time your body takes to adjust to a new diet and hence, the result is a long-term outcome. 

Setting weight loss goals

3. Find a mirror in your friend:

Whenever you’re chasing a target, it’s easy to lose sight of how far you’ve come. So like you’ve outsourced making delicious and healthy food to expert Food Darzee chefs, enlist people close to you as your motivators and partners. So surround yourself with honest and supportive people, who can track your progress and keep motivating you. It could be anyone, but make sure there is someone to make you stick to the best diet to lose weight.

4. Sleep well:

Our body needs to get enough rest to keep the functions going smoothly. Whenever you’re lacking sleep, your appetite rises, resulting in over-eating. Hence, about 7-8 hours of sleep keeps our body in a good space and does not allow an unhealthy increase in appetite.

Sleeping well

5. Have a healthy first meal:

Whether or not you’re following an intermittent diet, make sure to have a nutrition-packed first meal. A filling first meal aids you to abide by a healthy diet chart by avoiding overeating during other meals of the day.

6. Weigh yourself on a regular basis:

Out of sight, out of mind! And if you’re not seeing your weight regularly, then your targets could also go out of mind! Tracking weight is effective during the maintenance period for your body, so you constantly remain on target. So, step up by stepping on the weighing machine and keep a track of your weight.

7. Make a smooth exit from dieting:

After a mission is over, armies don’t start throwing all the weapons. Similarly, you need to continue the good dietary options that you adopted on the way to a new you!

 Slowly, alter the portions of healthy eating with your routine food. Keep your arsenal fresh with newer and healthier weight loss recipes. Incorporate cheat meals slowly, and and always keep track of what you’re eating, even if it’s pani puri.

8. Say no to emotional eating:

What’s so emotional about eating you might ask? Often, you’re not actually hungry but tend to fall for the notion that ‘bhook lagi hai’. It’s called emotional eating and it’s one of the lesser-known reasons for putting your weight management off track.

It could be to overcome sad thoughts when you’ve had a bad day and want to compensate with some deliciousness. It’s an extension of self-pity in many ways, but the result directly shows on your belly.

So whenever you’re hungry at odd times, ask yourself if you’re hungry. Drink water instead. When reaching for chocolate, go for a fruit insteal. Mindful eating will become your best friend when losing weight.

These were easy-to-follow weight loss tips that could come in handy for the seekers of good health and fitness. If you’d like meals that are tailor-made to your requirements and want to take a guided route to your health goals, book a consultation with Food Darzee.

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