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1 Sep ‘21 By AnikHealthy Tasty Daily

It can be hard to find meals that meet all our needs and yet be calorie deficit to meet our weight loss goals but with a little effort, one can create a meal plan for a week and stock up the ingredients accordingly.

Option A - Mixed vegetable paratha with yoghurt

One should begin one’s day with a healthy, wholesome meal. A mixed vegetable paratha made with whole wheat is a perfect breakfast meal and is a favourite dish of most Indians. The goodness of mixed veggies in the succulent stuffing makes the vegetable paratha really satiating while a dash of all the spices makes it fabulously tasty. A vegetable paratha with a hint of oil has just around 153 calories, moreover, it can be made with any leftover veggies from the fridge. It is packed with calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B9. A bowl of curd is enough to meet all the diary requirements of the day.

Option B - Baked beans on toast

For people who prefer a continental style of breakfast, baked beans on toast is an ideal breakfast dish. For people who prefer to do it on their own, they could boil the beans, add tomato ketchup, oregano and some peppercorns and chilli flakes to spice up the dish. A brown or a multigrain bread can be toasted and beans can be added on top of it. grated cheese could be used as a garnish. Beans make you feel fuller so that you do not tend to snack in between meals.

Option A - The traditional Indian thali

Indian meals are packed with all the right ingredients and do not lack anything-be it proteins, fats, carbohydrates. So a proper Indian meal with 2 rotis,2 vegetables with very little oil, a bowl of dal and some fresh salad is an ideal way to lose weight. People who want to lose weight should try to avoid rice during the day.

Option B - Lentil quinoa salad

People who prefer to experiment with or food and are more open to varied cuisines could try a lentil quinoa salad that is filling and nutritious and also low on calories. Quinoa and lentils should be soaked separately and cooked separately to and then combined with the required veggies. A dash of lemon and spring onions gives the dish a very appealing look. Quinoa and lentils are both rich in proteins and a great source of iron, vitaminB6, phosphorus and magnesium.

Option A - Masala khichdi

Dal and rice combine together to make a khichdi and it is very healthy and also easily available in most Indian homes. One could add desired vegetables of one’s choice and pressure cook them together. It could be tempered with spices, asafoetida and butter to increase the aroma and taste of the dish. Khichdi is a simple one-pot dish that is very easy to cook and comfort food for most Indians. It is light on the gut and an ideal meal for dinner.

Option B - Burrito bowl with avocado

This is again a simple recipe and with a little planning, it is easy to make a home recipe. One has to just layer boiled rice with herbs, beans, salad, salsa and top it with avocado slices, sour cream, jalapenos and tortilla chips. Most of these ingredients are easily available in most modern Indian homes these days. It sounds elaborate but is not too time-consuming and is a satiating one-dish meal which is completely worth the effort.

Thus with a little planning and shopping one can create a variety of home-cooked meals throughout the week that are low in calories and high on taste. Home-cooked meals have high-quality ingredients and people who eat more meals at home also consume fewer calories. Home-cooked meals, therefore, help you to cut the flab more effectively.

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