Healthy Tasty Daily- I | Keto Paratha Recipe

Its been an interesting week which included a lot of travel, anniversaries and weddings. One thing I’m sure of is that you need to figure out a way to eat healthy inspite of the above without compromising on your taste.

Keto Pyaaz ka Paratha

I am currently quite occupied with our recently launched vegan diet and sticking to macros becomes difficult when I have to do a lot of tasting and it becomes even more difficult when the trials are so yummy that you want to eat more than just taste. I’m not following any particular diet at the moment but plan to get on to the vegan diet from Monday to see how my body takes to it and am actually quite excited about it. I have loved the trials and if I feel good while on the diet, then I two weight-loss diets to go to apart from the balanced meals; the Keto and the vegan diet. So, one of the days worth talking about is the day I was not traveling and managed my meals without actually eating all meals from Food Darzee.

My morning started with a power-packed protein cold coffee. I am actually quite ga ga about this. It tastes beautiful and I actually mean what I write. It’s made using Café Brazil protein powder, skimmed milk, and coffee powder. It is very very simple to make and tastes just like a cold coffee with vanilla ice cream from Durga Coffee House from Pune. This kept me full for a while with my macros intact. I had a vegan couscous mushroom risotto for lunch from our vegan trials. It was tough to believe that this was vegan. We substituted the cheese with cashew paste and coconut milk.

The snack consisted of a vegan coconut chocolate mousse from the trials again. This convinced my taste buds to be on the vegan plan from next week. We substituted the gelatin and cream with agar agar powder and coconut milk to ensure its vegan and still tastes tasty. For dinner, I had to head for a family dinner where I had a chicken tikka and it stuffed me up. So a cold coffee, risotto, chocolate mousse, and chicken tikka and still sticking to my health goal.

I’m going to be ending the article with the recipe of our Insta favourite keto pyaaz ka paratha. It’s interesting that all our paratha posts always get the most likes and hence I thought that this should be the first recipe I share.

Keto Pyaaz Ka Paratha with Cashew Mint Chutney

Prep time- 15 mintues

Keto Paratha


Almond  20 grams
Psyllium Husk  1/8 tsp
Chilli Powder  ¼ tsp
Salt  As per taste
Coriander Leaves  ½ tsp
Desi Ghee  ½ tsp
Onions  15 grams
Green Chillies  As per taste
Cheese  20 grams

Cashew Mint Chutney


Coriander Leaves  10 grams
Mint    3 grams
Chillies Green  As per taste
Lime seasoning  A pinch
Cashewnut    1 pc
Salt  As per taste

Paratha Method:-

Grind the almond and make almond flour
Cheese is to be grated
Chop the onions, green chillies and coriander leaves
Make a dough of all the ingredients combined. Add water to achieve the desired consistency.
Use parchment paper to roll the dough of the paratha
Glaze it with ghee
Put it on the Roti Tawa and sear it. Ensure that the cheese does not burn.
Serve hot

Cashew Mint Chutney

Clean mint & coriander thoroughly & soak them in ice-cold water & drain after all the impurities settle in the bottom of the container.
Destalk green chilles.
Add all the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth paste preventing from discoloration.

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