Best exercises to lose weight

4 exercises to help you lose weight:-

Jogging or running

Running or Jogging

Running is one of the simplest ways to burn calories. You don’t really need a treadmill to run. Running also releases serotonin which helps with depression.



Swimming is an excellent form of resistance training. It combines and cardio and muscle training(due to resistance from water) to some extent. It helps with building strength and endurance.


Jumping rope can also become a component in the full-body workout. It fire ups The glutes and quads are fired up to help elevate from the ground while keeping the core engaged to keep the body upright and stable during the land. Jumping rope also involves the upper body in the form of arm, shoulder, and wrist action as they are required to keep the rope tight.


Kickboxing is an excellent exercise for burning calories and getting rid of the stubborn fat, tone muscles—and it’s added benefit- stress relief! Is there anything that can kick off stress in a better way than punching that bag. It is an exercise where power is originated from one’s legs, but at the same time, your arms are utilized too to throw various kinds of punches, making it a full-body workout.

These exercises are great for burning calories and are great for a full-body workout.
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