5 Tips for Eating Healthy – Consistently!

If one were to plot one’s attempts at eating healthy on a food diary, it would probably look like the world’s wildest roller coaster ride. There would be great highs as one detoxes with juices and cleanses with chia seeds and gorges on salads. Then sudden slumps as our bodies start rebelling and our taste buds reclaim the menu decisions!

What we need to aim for really, is an eating graph line that is a steady horizontal line, with maybe just a few bumps as treats. How does one get to this desired state of being?

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Here are some basic but proven ways in which you can ensure that you stay on the health wagon for life!

1. Like What You Eat

If you turn up your nose at the smelly vegetable juice or force down granola bars then chances are high that you drop the diet and fall back on easy food as soon as your life becomes stressful. 

Fruit yogurt bowl.
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Fruit Yogurt Bowl

Explore the wonders of Google and experiment as you find out what tastes good to you. You can do fruit yogurt snacks or salads with yummy olive oil vinaigrette and season your vegetable juices until you find recipes that your palate likes. Once you invest this initial time and effort – you will soon be reaching for that crunchy avocado salad even if a bag of crisps is right in front of you.

2. Keep it Handy

If you are looking for a pick me up snack when you come home from work – you are likely to reach out for the first available edible object. So, plan ahead, perhaps over the weekend, and keep all your wholesome munchies out front. Roast fox nuts and season, or make a basket of your favourite muesli toppings like nuts, sunflower seeds, and fruit. If you see it, you will eat it!

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

3. Do the Prep

Eating nutritious and staying fit is really a lifelong commitment. You cannot cheat and expect it to work. Therefore, invest some time every weekend or once in three days, to prep ahead. List down the preparations you can do ahead of time, keep a schedule for them, and stick to it.

You can keep small batches of vinegar and olive oil vinaigrettes ready, you can prepare sprouts every three days, shop for fruits and vegetables on the list and even chop them two days in advance if need be. If you cut down on your planning or preparation time when you are tired – you are much more likely to stick to the good stuff.

4. Tweak your Cooking-

If chicken or paneer are your favorite food items then you do not need to substitute them. Simply change your cooking techniques from frying and sautéing to roasting and grilling. Steam vegetables, grill your proteins and roast the potatoes.

Also, almost all great recipes can be made with healthier alternatives. Whole wheat pancakes, brown basmati rice biryani, and ragi-oats cookies taste fabulous while adding fiber and minimizing the sugar in your blood. Win-win!

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5. Plot it, Track it, Count it

Keeping a food calendar has been shown to increase the chances of sticking to the meal regime by five times. Get a planner, create a schedule of your calories for the day and planned meals.

Do accommodate for substitutes like the smoothie instead of the planned fruit cup – or even the occasional cheat meal. Just ensure that the junking and snacking is less often and in smaller quantities than earlier. Record each meal that you ate, and track your path at the end of each week. You could surprise yourself. 

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