5 things that can help boost your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak

It is a time of terror with the outbreak of Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19). With this respiratory virus reaching more than 140 countries and inflicting more than 7000 deaths, we need to do something to be safe. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and this global pandemic has made public health an important factor in our fight. Our fight against Covid-19. What can we do to secure ourselves? Our immune systems have to be strong enough to fight the virus because this may just be the beginning.

Multiple food items could help us in this battle and improve our immune system, but our diets have to change significantly. A few of these are;

Ginger has a compound known as allicin and is known to fight viruses and boost immunity. A study conducted shows that cinnamon has antiviral properties and can regulate our blood pressure along with protecting our body against viral infections.

Yoghurt contains probiotics which lessen the impact of respiratory illnesses. This was visible in the case of the influenza virus. This is especially helpful for children to avoid respiratory tract infections.

Mushrooms consist of beta-glucans and this help develop our prime immune system to fend off infections and viruses.
Ginger consists of iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium, and it helps boost the body’s respiratory system, especially if it’s wet ginger.

Fermented Food
Fermented food supports the growth of good bacteria which boosts the immune system to fight against viral infections.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits help increase the production of white blood cells and help fight infections. They also supply the body with Vitamin C, an important micronutrient to fight infections and viruses.

Broccoli contains vitamins A, C, and E and it’s antioxidants and fibre help build the primal immune system.

Meat and poultry are a constant in some of our diets but the biggest question today is about how safe they are. The truth is that the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates is extremely safe as long as the food undergoes a thorough cooking process to kill the germs and viruses. This was visible in the case of the SARS virus. Consume carbohydrates and don’t replace water. Stay hydrated.

It’s simple. Our immune system is the prime factor that may change how things look for us in the future. If our regular diets don’t include a range of vegetables, fruits, and proteins, it’s time to change that. This doesn’t mean that our diet can prevent Covid-19 once we are exposed to it, but just that if and once we are, we would be able to fight it. Hospitals, universities, and research centres are studying how the immune system can fight this global pandemic. It is important to be exposed to the right amount of micronutrients as they help identity, neutralise, target, and destroy pathogens. Fruits, vegetables and meat consist of these micronutrients and are helpful to build up our primal immune system. Avoid processed meats and alcohol in excess amounts to assure that our immune system stays healthy. Being healthy is not a choice, it is our responsibility to ourselves and others.

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