10 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods

We live in a new world now. One where we all are going through a once-in-a-lifetime situation of a pandemic; one that got us to stay indoors and think ever so smartly about how we interact with our environment. Especially how and what we eat. And even so, our hopes and dreams remain the same. We still want that fit physique and boundless energy.

Life in lockdown gave us limited access to food but our determination to stay healthy and lose weight fast continues. While you follow your favourite indoor workouts, a healthy diet is what’s most important to lose weight and experience fat loss.

If you’re wondering what to eat to lose weight, here is a list of fat burning foods that will accelerate your weight loss. These are the foods that are around you, and were available even during lockdown. You can easily add these to your diet chart and can be well on your way to a healthy body!

  1. Eggs

The “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande!” (Be it Sunday or Monday, enjoy eating eggs) jingle released in the 1980s by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) is still fresh in our minds. The NECC positioned eggs as “the tastiest multivitamin capsule in the world,” because it’s true. Eggs are taste bombs of protein and good cholesterol. They’re complete with iron, zinc, folate and vitamins A, D, E and K. They’re also delicious and very easy to cook with.

Some egg fat loss recipes you can try are Eggs-toast, half-fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs (anda bhurji), egg curry, among many others.

In fact, the menu is not limited to chicken eggs. Give quail eggs or even ostrich eggs a try.

Eggs are pocket-friendly food. They’re low carb and a great addition to weight loss diet.

2. Spinach

Popeye the sailor man getting an instant boost to fight off the mighty Brutus after chomping down spinach is not that much of an overstatement. Except that we suggest you eat your spinach as part of delicious and healthy recipes like palak chicken, palak paneer, spinach and corn sandwich, spinach noodles, spinach and egg omelette, among others.

The leafy green is a powerhouse of Vitamins A, C and K1. It’s an excellent source of folic acid, iron and calcium. It promotes tissue growth and keeps your bones strong, both essential needs for safe and permanent weight loss.

Spinach very naturally lends itself to keto diet, even vegetarian keto diet. It’s a great addition to your diet chart if you’re on a vegan or a low carbohydrate diet. If it’s not in already, add the amazing spinach to your grocery list right now!

3. Bananas

Indian comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath joked about bananas being the favourite fruit of bachelors. Of course, he’s right. Make bananas your best friend for not just its delicious taste but its versatility and how well it fits into so many great diets, especially vegetarian diet for weight loss, vegan diet and low carb diet.

You can make vegan ice-creams using bananas as the base. You can make your smoothies creamier and give them more body with bananas. Or you can eat one by itself!

Bananas improve your digestion, and ensure better absorption of nutrients. They are low calorie and fibrous, so eating them will keep you full for longer, resulting in reduced consumption of food, and therefore weight loss. 

From the long green ones, to the elaichi variety, go the banana that makes you go bananas!

4. Rice

This is not a debate about whether you should eat white rice or brown rice. You can eat either, they’re both good for you. Inherently, rice is pure carbohydrates and the good news is that they basically have no sugar or fat. Yay. Rice is fibrous, starchy and makes you feel full and happy. As little as a bowl of rice can keep you satiated for at least a couple of hours. If you’re on a low carbohydrate diet, you can eat less rice, you don’t need to remove rice from your diet for weight loss.

It’s interesting to note that rice has micronutrients like thiamin and selenium that are essential to maintain your metabolism and hormones.

Rice is a no-brainer for us Indians because cooking it is second nature to us. Make vegetable fried rice using leftovers and you have a balanced meal plan at hand! Eat rice with dahi and tadka, and it’s a flavour bomb that’s delicious, good for digestion and can become your highlight meal for a vegetarian diet for weight loss!

5. Ghee

It’s been on our kitchen shelves since ancient times and now it is time for it to come up to the front and shine! It is mind-blowing that something rich like ghee is actually a gift to health. Ghee is great for weight loss. It has an abundance of the fatty acid butyrate that soothes inflammation by and contributes to a healthy digestive system.

For those who are on a vegan diet because they’re lactose intolerant can still use ghee because ghee only contains traces of milk solids in an otherwise pure fat.

Ghee is also great to keep your skin supple and hair shiny as you lose weight following a healthy diet.

If you don’t want to replace your oil with ghee, add 2-3 teaspoons to your meal whether on a roti or bowl of rice or even as tadka on your salad. This will enhance the taste of your meal and help you lose weight fast.

6. Yogurt

When it comes to eating meals, raita failana chahiye. Yogurt (or curd) has been in the Indian pantry since our culture’s lifetime, and is a known pair for your meals. Having a cup of buttermilk, a mint-curd chutney or just plain yogurt with your lunch is a weight loss tip that keeps on giving. It is rich in calcium and helps to make your bones stronger. Yogurt stimulates your appetite, improves digestion and keeps your stomach cool. A support that a body that is losing weight with a healthy diet needs. Yogurt can be had in all diets whether it is low carbohydrate diet, paleo diet or even vegetarian keto diet.

7. Watermelon

With 92% water content, the fruit supercharging the hydration for health movement is the watermelon. It’s fibrous, juicy and comes in XL size and is available in most parts of India all year round. The watermelon is a great mid-meal snack whether you’re on a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet for weight loss. Fans of the low-fat diet, one serving of the watermelon only has 0.2g fat in it.  They’re packed with electrolytes and therefore are a great post-workout snack for replenishing spent energy and muscle recovery. Thanks to its excessive water content and for being low carbohydrate, watermelon is one of the few fruits allowed on the keto diet. So dig into a slice without guilt!

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great source of protein and Vitamin B complex. They can even be included in the vegan diet because mushrooms are not animals, but fungi. Their texture and bite are a preferred substitute for meat. They are versatile in their usage and variety. Those who are on the keto diet and a weight loss vegetarian diet can whip up a taste cream of mushroom soup or a spicy and creamy mushroom curry to be had with rice or cauliflower rice. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin-D and can therefore help you keep your bones healthy as you continue on your weight loss journey.

9. Cabbage

Eaten as a sabzi or as a sauerkraut, the cabbage is a nutritious and low-calorie veggie to have in your fridge when you’re on a weight loss diet. For keto diet followers, eating lightly steamed cabbage leaves are an easy alternative to rotis. There are plenty of Asian recipes that use cabbage leaves as a wrap. It even comes in a variety that you can choose from, example, purple cabbage, lettuce and our very own bandh gobhi, or patta gobhi.

The cabbage is also one such veggie that is at your perusal any time of the year. So it can always be part of your weight loss diet chart. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K and is great for gut health. The vegan diet, vegetarian diet and even keto diet can include cabbage dishes as part of their fat loss strategy.

10. Paneer

If any food has celebrity-like following in India, it’s paneer. From iconic dishes like paneer tikka to the modern skewered paneer, this ingredient needs to feature on your healthy diet chart without question.

For followers of a vegetarian diet, vegetarian keto diet and low carb diet, paneer is an essential source of protein. 100g paneer has 11g of protein. Not only that, it helps regulate your blood sugar levels and keeps insulin from spiking. It’s a great weight loss diet option for people who are working as paneer can be consumed directly. Just a sprinkle of salt, chaat masala and a squeeze of lemon makes for a tasty and healthy snack.

If planning your meals, making diet charts and preparing the food leaves you pressed for time, consider giving us at Food Darzee the reins of your weight loss journey. Get started!

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