5 Exercises do at home while you are on lockdown

With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus 2019, it is advised to limit social contact and avoid stepping out. This means that public and private areas such as the gym might be off-limits. Don’t let this stop you in your journey to becoming fit. Listed below are exercises that can be performed with less to no guidance and equipment. It’s important to warm-up properly before exercising to prevent any injuries. Stretch to loosen up your muscles and joints and run on the spot for some time.


Get into a push-up position place your hands directly under your shoulders, extend your arms making sure your elbows aren’t bent, ensure that your back and glutes are straight and not too high or not too low. Start off holding the position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day.


Stand keeping your feet spread shoulder-width apart and your hands stretched outward in front.

Lower yourself by bending your knees keeping the thighs parallel to the floor.

Try to keep your shoulders rolled back and your back straight and don’t let your knees extend over the toes

Stand back up in an explosive manner. Try to repeat as many repetitions in a minute.


Lay down flat on your back with your feet close to your glutes. Place your hands behind the head. Lift your upper torso towards your knees while exhaling. Again inhale when you get back down and then exhale as you come up.

Try to do as many as possible in 30 seconds.


Stand with your back straight and core tight keep your feet together.

Now jump explosively and open your feet wide while simultaneously lifting your arms above the head
Jump and revert back to the starting position.
Try to do as many repetitions as possible in a minute


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Stand with your back straight and core tight keep your feet together.

Jump explosively off the ground, move your hands in a circular motion allowing it to pass your under feet before you bring it back up.

If you don’t have a skipping rope, just follow the same movement.

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