The entire experience has been a positive and fulfilling one with Food Darzee. Special thanks to Vaishali who very patiently has guided me through this plan and continues to be a great support. I would like to continue to be associated with Food Darzee even post my subscription.

Marian Dsouza, 45

My experience with food darzee was grt....specially some times when I used to get chocolate pudding it got a smile on my face 😁 ...sneha my nutritionist was very supportive any time of the day when I called she would revert back and infact even after the diet is done she responds back to any query if needed. Thankyou for makin my journey from being fat to fit so easy food darzee 😁
Lost 4.4kgs in 30 Days

Ashwini Mehta, 33

Was absolutely happy with the meals, very tasty and perfect delivery. So happy with Vaishali, who pushed me to do my best but never pressurised me. Food Darzee helped me to understand what is exactly a keto diet and also portion control.
Lost 14 kgs in 3 months

Nivedita Paghdiwalla, 54

The last eight weeks on the Darzee diet were really an awesome experience. It tests discipline and determinatiton, but at the same time was made easy by the fact that the food was real tasty.. never felt deprived. And the rewards are quite substantive. In 8 weeks I lost 10 kgs which much more than my target.. the consultants do a good job of keeping you motivated.. definitely recommended for someone looking to lose a few pounds and not compromise on taste

Avinash Mohan, 41

It's been a little over 2 months since I subscribed to your plan and this note of appreciation is long overdue.

The deliveries are efficient and timely. Your team has always been accommodating in the case of a last minute change as well. Special mention to the hard work and smiling faces that deliver these meals each day. If there was a grading schedule on your services, the logistics department deserves an A+

Thank you for providing really tasty meals and such a variety of cuisines. It gives me a break from figuring out what to eat.

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava - Your team has always been courteous, helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend FD to anyone who is serious about making a life-altering change in their nutrition.

Keep up the good work!

Jasleen Bhatty, 30

Quality of food - The food is without a day’s exception very tasty. Whatever the cuisine be it Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai I feel the food is prepared to be as authentic to the promised flavour as possible. I did not expect “diet food” to be so enjoyable and am pleasantly shocked.

Hygiene - The cleanliness of the food, packaging and delivery - is the single most important factor for me. I’m impressed with the way the food is packed in good quality containers, then in sealed paper bags and in the past one month never once has there been a spillage or a leakage or so much as an oil smear.

Timeliness and Delivery - Other than 15 minutes here and there the food arrives on time so I’m able to plan my meal times. I have only had to call once in the past one month because of an overly late delivery.I love that the menu is sent to us at the start and we have a single point of contact. It gives me a sense of continuation.

Service - I’m happy with the client service received from Food Darzee - Zeba you keep in constant touch with me sending those motivational messages along with the menus each day and calling to update my stats. This makes keeping to the diet and persevering that much easier.

Tricia D'Souza, 40

Really enjoyed doing this diet with Food Darzee and I am an extremely fussy person but have no complaints whatsoever. Food was always fresh and delivered on time. I learnt so much about portion control and how it’s so necessary to monitor how much we are actually eating. Though I did drink alcohol moderately I still lost weight, and found that I had to stop at 2 glasses as I physically couldn’t drink more, which made me realise how important it is to be moderate and mindful. The nutritionist assigned to me (Sneha) did a fantastic job with communication, involvement and updates and was always on hand to respond to questions or queries and was totally on top of her game knowledge wise. It was also nice to know that someone was asking and monitoring progress, so any desire to cheat on this diet was tempered. Being treated two snacks a week with a dessert was always something to look forward to..sort of like a reward, which made it easier to stick to the plan. The quality of the chicken was great..succulent and tender and not dry at all.

Anju Chulani, 49

Loved the entire journey with food Darzee , though only for 6 days , every meal provided was mouth watering, I wish I would have known about you before . Your team of dieticians, chefs have done a wonderful job, the way you have planned/designed every meal is to the point from colors on the plate to the taste , I would call u food designers.. your every message was so inspiring everyday ,,, thank you for helping me in this journey of mine ... it’s a break that I have taken as I m traveling but will surely join back ... All together I lost 3kgs in just 20days in which 1kg was with you in 6days .. Thank you once again

Minal Popat, 39

I started off being a little unsure about the diet. The first week was the hardest. Regular headaches was a thing for the first week but after that I honestly felt so much healthier. I felt energised and motivated. I will definitely be coming back for another round of Keto with food Darzee 😊
Lost 4.6kgs in 30 days

Arundhatti Ojha, 17

Doing this diet with y’all has been a great experience. From the quality of food to the delivery efficiency, everything has been flawless throughout.

My nutritionist, Nilofer was extremely helpful & cooperative in all matters.

She dealt with all my queries with patience and gave me the most effective solution.

Everything has been very convenient and I would surely recommend this diet!

Rohan Tuli, 21

My nutritionist was Rashida. She guided me well. She was available throughout this journey. With her help, I reduced 3 kgs in 10 days. I am extremely happy with the result and will continue keto for another 30 days to see better results.

Thanks food darzee, most of the meals were good and delivered according to my convenience.

Manvi Sobti, 28

The keto journey was an amazing experience. Did it for a 15 day period and lost 8.3kgs which is over 8.5% of my body weight. The journey was tough but worth it. Ravishta, the assigned nutritionist was available through out and was quick in responding to all my queries. Just stick to regular work out, the food that they send, lots of water and keep the conversation on with the nutritionist and you'll sail smoothly through this journey.

Dewang Mehta, 33