Tips to Detox after the     Festive Season  

The festive season is upon us and everyone binges on a lot of junk, fried and sweet stuff causing the blood sugar levels to shoot up and the weight also to increase. Hence after the festivities we need to recharge our body with the right kind of nutrients. Detoxifying after the festivities helps us to cleanse our system of toxins absorbed from all the calorie laden foods consumed.

  #1 Stayin hydrated  

Staying hydrated is the key to good health. Drinking enough water will help us to flush out excess fat and sugar consumed during the festive season .

  #2 Lemons  

Lemons are a natural cure for everything from bloating to indigestion and helps to regulate your digestion. Having lukewarm lime water every morning will kick start the body.

  #3 Black pepper  

Black pepper has a number of health benefits other than spicing the food. Black pepper cleanses the intestines and stomach thereby detoxifying the body.

  #4 Eating high fiber foods  

Dietary fibre keeps us full and helps us to lose weight and improve our over all health .Fibre also known as roughage is part of plant based foods like grains, fruits vegetables nuts and beans.

  #5 Exercise  

Increasing your exercise routine by about 15 minutes  after the festive season will help you lose all the calories piled up after the binge. It increase the metabolic rate and improve over all well being.