Does The Ketogenic Diet Work For Weight Loss?

Does it rain when a storm cloud bursts?

Does a basil seed grow basil leaves?

What beats inside you, is it your heart?

Does Food Darzee help you meet your health goals easily and effectively?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all the above questions, then the short answer to “Does the ketogenic diet work for weight loss?” is also ‘yes’.

To know the long answer, continue reading.

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The staple Indian diet has rotis, rice, one bowl vegetables and one bowl dal. Looking at it at macro level, the diet is mostly carbohydrates, some protein, and minimal fat which is consumed only in the form of oil in which our food was made. This weight loss diet absolutely worked when we had physically demanding jobs, like farming. We are an agrarian country, after all.

But life in 2020 is the exact 180. We’re not even going to our offices anymore. In our new work-from-home lifestyle, our only movement is from our bed to the desk and back (not including trips to the kitchen).

At this time when sitting is our life, a diet where we’re loading on carbs and not burning them with physical movements and exercise, only converts it to stored fat. Then this diet doesn’t remain a weight loss diet anymore.

Enter the ketogenic diet.

When you greatly increase the amount of good fat, and reduce the carbohydrates to a minimum you would be following the ketogenic diet.

In an uncomplicated way, the ketogenic ‘keto’ diet optimises the body into burning fat for energy instead of burning carbs. This state is called ketosis. Hence the name.

This brings us back to our original question, does the ketogenic help in weight loss? Yes, the ketogenic diet helps not just in weight loss but fat loss.

The bigger surprise is that the benefits of the diet itself far outweigh just its ability to help men and women lose fat. It is noted that people feel less hungry in the state of ketosis and seem to have more energy.

To successfully follow the ketogenic diet to lose weight fast, pay close attention to the following weight loss tips:

  • Maintain the keto diet with exercise. As we briefly touched above, being consistent on the keto diet will give you lots of energy.

The correct way to harness that would be to develop an exercise schedule that works for you. From weight training to cross fit to HIIT to good ol’ jogging. Including exercise is a great addition to your healthy diet chart.

  • Remember that fat burns fat! Include fat burning foods like walnuts and avocado in your existing diet for weight loss. We’ve listed down more healthy snacking options here.
  • If you want to lose weight the ketogenic diet way, completely remove grains from your diet.
  • Load up on vegetables to make the ketogenic diet a more nutritious diet! As you work on eliminating rotis and rice, make up the difference by eating more vegetables.
  • Make water your best friend.

When you’re focused on creating diet charts for weight loss and exercise plans you often forget the backbone of a great diet – hydration. A lot of times people mistake thirst for hunger. This results in them eating unnecessarily, and gaining weight that could have easily been avoided.

Drinking water is perhaps the easiest and basically no-cost way to support your weight loss diet strategy.

Water will keep your systems running smooth and will keep you full till its time to actually eat.  And who doesn’t like supple skin as a side-effect?

The keto diet will work for weight loss if you work for it as well. Even though its basic principles are easy, the execution might just be difficult. Let us at Food Darzee help you with that.

We specialise in not just giving you a “keto diet plan”, but we will deliver them to you as well. And it won’t just be a standard dabba, you can expect meals that are tailor-made to your nutrition requirements, health goals and taste preferences.

So, you can expect a chicken steak, a pizza and also butter chicken – yes, one that helps you with your weight loss goals!

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