Basics of Eating tasty & healthy food

This is the first of many articles that I am going to write throwing some light on how eating tasty food and at the same time following a healthy diet is actually very simple if you have the right knowledge, guidance and most importantly the passion to eat tasty and healthy. This is the basic thought process behind starting Food Darzee. I am a huge huge foodie and I can compromise on my health but not taste. And when I along with my three other partners did some research on this, we realised that you actually do not have to compromise on taste to eat healthy. I do not have any sort of culinary background. To be honest, I did not even know how to switch on the gas stove at home. But I had a huge passion to eat food that tastes good. And that passion has led me to being the culinary head of the company.

One very important thing to keep in mind while ensuring you eat healthy is to count your macros i.e. the quantum of protein (4 calories per gram), fat (9 calories per gram) and carbs (4 calories per gram) that you are consuming which in turn will keep a check on your calories. The total calories that you consume should be maintained at a level based on your health goal. If you want to lose weight; there should be a deficit in the calories you consume vs the calories you burn in a day; if you want to just maintain a healthy lifestyle then the calories consumed should be at a similar level to the calories burnt and if you to gain weight then the calories consumed should be higher then the calories burnt supplemented with the right type of workout.

Eating healthy is a constant phenomenon. You cannot eat healthy for a week and expect to become fit. It has to be a lifestyle and for foodies like me, it’s sustainable only if it’s tasty. Once you understand the above, then all you have to do is try the combinations that you think taste best keeping the above constraints in mind, and trust me this isn’t that big a task if you are committed to eating tasty and healthy. A butter chicken can be healthy if it is ensured that there is a check on the quantum of butter, cream, cashews and chicken and the accompaniment, a dessert like a chocolate mousse or a cheesecake can be had for a snack if you are ensuring that the day’s macros are still fulfilled. Portion control is actually one of the best weight loss tips. So you do not need to starve yourself to achieve your weight loss goal. You do not need to search online for tips to lose weight and follow it without achieving any results. If I can eat the tastiest food and still stay fit, I’m sure you can as well.

Every week, I’m gonna be telling you a day’s routine wherein I eat things that I’m sure are perceived to be extremely unhealthy but can actually be made healthy, the macros that it has also share a recipe for you that helps you eat healthy but more importantly tasty.

Anirudh is the culinary head of the company. He has worked with PWC in their Transaction Services department. Food is his second love after cricket.
The major driving force who keeps everyone on their toes. Pleasing him is the toughest thing to do.

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