7 food items to avoid this wedding season


With November having set in and December having nearly arrived, it’s officially wedding season. The invitation cards begin to pour in, accompanied by the most sinful looking sweets and chocolates. And we bet you’re trying hard to stay in shape for all the weddings you have to attend in the coming weeks, just so that you can fit into all your beautiful clothes. So, we at FoodDarzee are here to help.

If you’d really like to keep off those extra calories, you need to stay away from certain kinds of food and seriously watch your diet.

Are you a game? If so, go on and take a look at the seven food items that you need to avoid this wedding season.

1)White bread

By now, you’ve probably switched to multigrain bread. But let’s just reiterate what white bread does to your body, shall we? When you consume a couple of slices of white bread, you’re also eating a bunch of refined carbs. This isn’t good for the body. Why? Because any surplus of sugar present in the bloodstream gets turned into fat and stored, unless it is instantly used for some kind of activity. And since white bread is digested quickly, your blood sugar tends to rise and that can cause you to feel hungry faster. So, keep white bread at bay this wedding season, or prepare to face the wrath of a blouse that won’t fit!

2)Raw veggies

Yes, salads are great when it comes to weight loss. But if you’re using raw vegetables, you need to know that they don’t digest very easily. For example, if your diet consists of lots of cauliflowers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, remember – they contain a lot of cellulose, which your stomach will find pretty difficult to break down. So, you may end up feeling bloated. Instead, switch to vegetables with great water-content, like cucumbers and celery, which, experts say, helps you lose ‘water weight’.

3)Cheddar cheese

If you enjoy topping your nutri crackers with some cheddar cheese, you may want to do away with the habit this wedding season. A UK based study proved that cheddar cheese is loaded with salt – even more, than you will find in potato chips! As you know, salt equals sodium and sodium equals water retention and bloating. To avoid this, opt for cheese with lower levels of sodium or salt content, such as mozzarella cheese or goat cheese.

4)Granola bars

If you buy granola bars from the grocery store or supermarket, you’re buying ones that contain way too much sugar and way too many carbs! And you’ve got to look your best this wedding season and, we believe, are doing all that you can to stay fit. So, stay away from such granola bars. Their carb content can wreak havoc on your waistline! We recommend looking for a healthier breakfast option or gym snack, at least until the wedding season is over.

5)Sugary cereal

Say goodbye to those crunchy, oh-so-sweet cereals that you love eating for breakfast. Unless of course, you’re okay with not fitting into your precious lehenga or that expensive suit that you just bought for the festivities. Because most cereals contain too much sugar, you’d do better without them, or with sticking to a standard portion. Cereals can also be low in fiber, which means that you’re going to start feeling super hungry, super soon. And you don’t want to binge eat before a wedding, do you?

6)Bottled juice

This wedding season, we recommend setting aside or throwing away any packaged fruit juices or smoothies you have lying inside your refrigerator. They’re loaded with extra sugar and are bad for your body, especially if you’re trying to maintain your weight. Always read the labels to ensure that these juices have less than 12gms of sugar or prepare fresh juices at home. Or else, you’re just signing up for bad news!

7)Frozen yogurt

While you may enjoy an occasional cup of creamy frozen yogurt, we suggest taking it easy this wedding season. Frozen yogurt is an exceptionally popular dessert today, but not necessarily a healthy alternative, as some people believe it to be. Frozen yogurt may be low-fat, but the calories do add up per serving. And that’s before you even add the toppings! Even a small serving of ‘fro-yo’ has about 30gms of sugar. So, consider yourself warned and choose wisely this season.

Now, go on and make a list. You can thank us later.

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