5 Ways to boost your metabolism and lose weight faster

Metabolic rate is the rate at which the human body burns calories while performing everyday life functions like eating, breathing, digesting, etc.
 A person’s metabolism determines body weight and the higher the metabolic rate, the faster the rate of burning calories. The metabolic rate depends on a variety of factors like ageless body fat; muscle mass activity levels and above all genetics. While a person cannot control his genes; there are several ways in which he/she can speed up their metabolic rate and thus attain their ideal weight

  • Eating Regular Meals

One of the most vital factors in burning calories is eating small meals at regular intervals. This helps to maintain metabolic balance and the body too burns calories regularly and does not store them as fat.

  • Not skipping any meal

Eating 4 meals and not skipping any meal also helps to maintain the metabolic rate. Often people make the mistake of skipping a meal to reduce calories and this has a negative impact on metabolism. Eating fewer calories causes the metabolism to slow down and the body begins to store the calories as fat.

  • Weight Training

Weight training helps to build body mass and this helps in speeding up the metabolism; improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance as well. Weight training works the muscles and breaks them down and hence more calories are needed by the human body to build them again. Weight training ensures better body balance.

  • Staying Hydrated

The elixir of life is necessary for optimal metabolism and it helps a person to lose weight. Fluids like green tea can be a good alternative to sugary drinks and juices and sipping on them ensures that a person is hydrated throughout the day.

  • Reducing Stress Levels

Reducing stress and keeping body hormones in check can also help in increasing metabolism. In a stressed person, more cortisol is released and cortisol determines appetite, Person may either eat too little or too much thus causing the metabolism to go haywire. It may lead to disordered eating, eating the wrong kinds of food, unhealthy eating patterns thus disrupting metabolism.

It can be seen that a balanced lifestyle with regular eating patterns, moderate exercise, and keeping stress away can work wonders for the metabolism and boost general health, Many small but effective lifestyle changes go a long way in ensuring good health and disease-free life.

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