How do I Order?

Fill out the order form, progressing through the steps by adding in your personal info and preferences. Once the order is completed it will be passed through to one of our nutritionists to design your personalised plan. Order now

How soon can my subscription start?

Once the payment is received, we require 2 working day to start sending out your meals. For Example, if we receive your payment on 17-06-2017 we can start sending you meals from 19-06-2017.

How much will it cost?

60 Day Plan 30 Day Plan 10 Day Plan
All Inclusive Total Per Day Before GST All Inclusive Total Per Day Before GST All Inclusive Total Per Day Before GST
4 Meals 49,770 790.00 26,775 850.00 10,000.00 952.00
3 Meals Separate Delivery 43,785 695.00 23,465 745.00 8,820.00 840.00
2 Meals Separate Delivery 34,020 540.00 17,955 570.00 6,300.00 600.00
2 Meals Same Delivery 29,925 475.00 16,065 510.00 5,670.00 540.00
1 Meal 16,695 265.00 8,975 285.00 3,150.00 300.00

These prices are all inclusive, but there will be an additional delivery cost Od Rs 100 a day for areas north of Goregaon on the western line, beyond Powai in the Cetral Line, and for Navi Mumbai.

Can I get a discount if multiple people order together?

Yes, we offer discounts for multiple orders. Please contact us on inquiries@fooddarzee.com

What if my address is not located in your delivery radius?

You may contact us on inquiries@fooddarzee.com

Where do you Deliver?

We deliver in all areas in Mumbai and some areas in Thane and Navi Mumbai. There will be an additional delivery cost Od Rs 100 a day for areas north of Goregaon on the western line, beyond Powai in the Cetral Line, and for Navi Mumbai.

How does Delivery work?

We deliver twice a day, Monday through Saturday. The breakfast and lunch is delivered between 8:45 am and 10 am and the mid-day snack and dinner is delivered betweem 4 pm and 5:30 pm. You can provide us with different addresses for the morning and evening delivery. If you would like to make any changes to your delivery pattern no problem! Just make a change through the changes link provided to. You need to communicate any change in delivery preferences before 5 pm of the previous day.

Please note, it is not possible to allocate a specific time slot and your delivery will be made at any time between the specified hours.

How can I pause deliveries for a few days or on certain days on a week?

Food darzee is a customer friendly service,we allow the option to pause your subscription service for as long as you deem neccesary.If you wish to avail this option,you have to intimate us about the same before 3 pm on the previous day. The Update can be made on the changes link provided to you.

Do I have to take all the meals from you?

No, you can decide to take 1, 2, 3 or 4 meals, whatever suits your lifestyle. If you are not taking all meals from us, we will guide you on what you should be eating in your other meals

Do you deliver on weekends?

We deliver all meals on Saturday,we,however do not provide meals on Sunday. That being said Sundays are not cheat days, we tell you exactly what you should be eating.

What if I'm allergic to any food?

Please let us know about any allergies in the personalisation form and we shall take care of the same Some ingredients like tomato, garlic, cheese cannot be completely avoided.

Will I need to consume any supplements?

If you are consuming any additional supplements,then you should inform us about the same in the personalisation form.

What kind of food can I expect

The main ingredients that we use for a non vegetarian are eggs, chicken, indian basa, olive oil, cheese, cream, almonds, walnuts and paneer. Similarly for vegetarians, the main ingredients are; olive oil, cheese, cream, almonds, walnuts and paneer. All meals are based around these ingredients with a side of green veggies. We make dishes from various cusines; Indian Gravies with Keto Roti, Cauli Biryanis, Risottos, Asian Curries, Flatbreads, Pizza, Keto Rolls, Keto Shake, PAv Bhajji, Tacos, Ketoo Shake Bowls, etc.. and a dessert once in a week. It is approximately a 20 day cycle, before the dishes repeat themselves.

Can I tell you my nutrition requirements?

If you have been on keto and are aware of you macro reqt you can inform us about the same we would be happy to cross cheeck these macro with our in house nutritionist.

Can I change my nutrition requirements?

As part of our service,micro tailoring your diet is possible,after providing you with the plan if you wish to change your macros or nutrition requirements,we would be happy to help.

Will my nutrition requirements be updated?

Yes, based on your progress and feedback our team will update your requirements and plan weekly.